Sodium SEO Consultant Nicola Agius London Essex

Fancy seeing you here!

Hi, I’m Nicola Agius (pronounced “Ah-juice” – it’s Maltese). I’m a journalist that’s spent the last 15 years working for some of the UK’s biggest newspapers and magazines. 

Being a naturally competitive person, I developed an obsession with website traffic early on in my career, and made it a personal goal of mine to be the most read author wherever I’ve worked. This is how I discovered the power of SEO and why it’s risky business to rely on one source (like social media) to bring people to your website.

I started specialising in SEO around six years ago, learning not just not how to get websites ranking, but how to drive conversions – because what’s the point in ranking on Google if nobody is actually clicking through to your site? 

In the SEO community, they say content is king, but if your tech is letting you down or you’re slacking in the backlink department, your success will potentially be limited. That’s why I’ve undertaken technical SEO courses in my spare time to ensure my strategies aren’t compromised.

SEO is a constantly evolving industry, so if you’re going to hire an SEO, make sure you hire one that dedicates time to learning and keeping up-to-date with what’s new, no matter how experienced they are. I am constantly learning, and my role as Paid Media Editor at Search Engine Land means that I am one of the first to learn of all the latest changes and developments.

Historically, I have always worked in-house and the experiences have been incredible. However, when I was made redundant after becoming a mum for the first time, I decided I wanted to take my career more into my own hands and start freelancing. So here I am!